Vice President Liu Limin Visited Ji'an Construction and Installation Engineering Corporation to Discuss School-Enterprise Cooperation





In order to strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, deepen the integration of production and education, and realize collaborative education, on the afternoon of May 14, under the leadership of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President Liu Limin, Wang Zhenwu, Dean of the School of Architecture and Engineering, and Liang Aimin and Luo Chunyong, Vice Deans, visited Ji'an Construction and Installation Engineering Corporation and communivated with them on cooperation over research and education.

At the exchange forum, Li Meixuan, secretary of the company’s party committee and general manager, presented the basic introduction of the company and expressed the expectation on strengthening the school-enterprise cooperation with our school on the discipline advantages of Jinggangshan University in new construction technology research, project’s application, national-level construction law research, etc. Wang Zhenwu introduced some achievement of Jinggangshan University and the School of Architecture and Engineering (SAE) and the cooperation between SAE and some state-owned enterprises and listed companies. Meanwhile, he proposed several adjust suggestions on some contents of the industry-university-research cooperation agreement between two parties. After full deliberation, both sides reached a consensus on industry-university-research cooperation, and the formal agreement would be signed in an agreed date.

Liu Limin pointed out that, by taking this opportunity, he wished both sides can strengthen cooperation on cultivation of talents, students’ internship and employment, internship base’s construction, resource sharing, and joint research, and both sides can realize sharing advantages to each other, mutual benefit and development. and further promote the organic integration of school-enterprise resources. Optimize the configuration to provide new opportunities for jointly cultivating talents that be useful for society’s development, create a new scene on closer "school-enterprise development community", and make greater contributions to promoting the economic and social development of Ji'an.

After the meeting, two parties visited the company’s honor room and the construction sites of the aquarium and talent apartment projects in High-Speed Rail New District.