Vice President Liu Gave Students of the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering “First Class of the New Semester”




On the evening of September 9th, Liu Limin, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of the university, came to the School of Architecture and Civil Engineering to give the“First Class of the New Semester”to more than 100 activists of joining the Party and student representatives.The party chiefs of the school attended the lecture.

The title of Liu's lecture is "Reviewing the glorious history of a century and starting a new journey of youth". He analyzed and expounded the secrets of the success of the Communist Party of China from two aspects,the great achievements of the Chinese Communist Party of China in a century and the contribution of college students in the new era, combined with the content of General Secretary Xi Jinpings speech celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. In the lecture, Liu led everyone to review the arduous and magnificent centennial history of the Party, from the new democratic revolution to the socialist revolution, and then to the socialism with Chinese characteristics. Through a lot of data and the comparation between "rule of China" and "turmoil in the West" in the global fight against the pandemic, he showed everyone the great achievements under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

From the summary of history to the present and future of college students, Liu appealed to the students to follow the examples of promising young people in the history of the Party to strive to be a pioneer in firming their ideal and faith, strengthening their moral cultivation, extending their knowledge, and developing their striving spirit. He urged the students to grow into talents to serve the country, and become the builders of the socialism. He appealed to the students to strengthen moral cultivation and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture through strengthening Party spirit, practicing socialist core values, cultivating patriotism, and inheriting the red gene; to increase knowledge through every class, every experiment, every assignment, and every practice; to cultivate the striving spirit to let the spirit of Jinggangshan radiate a new era of light through receiving red gene education, strengthening labor exercise and social practice.

Through the “First Class of the New Semester”, everyone had a deeper understanding of the centennial history of Communist Party and the reason for the miracles the Communist Party of China created. Everyone showed that on the new journey, they would continue to develop the great spirit of founding the Communist Party, strengthen their ideal and faith, carry out the tenet of the Party, strive to become a promising young man with both integrity and talent, and make greater contributions for the realization of the second centenary goal and the Chinese dream of the great renaissance of the Chinese nation.